Solar Lighting for more in Namadhi!

Great Delight at the installation of solar lighting in their dormitory!

Great Delight at the installation of solar lighting in their dormitory!

Hands of Love UK

Our Vision for Orphans in Uganda

  • to bring hope and love;
  • to rescue children from desperate poverty;
  • and to enable each child to become a fulfilled and responsible future leader of their Nation.

The charity supports an orphanage, a primary and small secondary school in a very poor rural area of Uganda, East Africa. 

The orphanage cares for nearly 900 children aged 3-19; many come suffering from malnutrition and malaria. The Orphanage is currently turning away 50 children a day to wander hopeless and desperate in the bush. We need to increase the numbers of those sponsored.  The orphanage was founded in 2005 by Ugandan Pastor Elijah Sebuchu and his wife Ruth. It receives no support from the Ugandan government The cost of sponsoring a child is only £20 a month.

Thank you for being Hands of Love to these fine children who have such great potential.

VERY GOOD NEWS!  A very generous gift of £10,00 has just been given to complete the SOLAR LIGHTING on the Orphanage Campus.  This will transform the lives of the Teachers and children.  It will especially help to retain teaching staff because it is a tall order for teachers to give up all social life to commit to living in the isolated and poverty stricken area where the Orphanage is situated. The nearest very small town is 10/12 miles away.

All money donated to Hands of Love UK goes straight to meet the needs of the children.

Administration costs were 1.6% of income in the last financial year  - these costs are paid out of Gift Aid. No team members receive payment for personal expenses. 

Hands of Love UK is a registered charity (No:1123685), and is staffed entirely by volunteers in the Portsmouth area of the UK. Meet the team.

Our sister charity Hands of Love USA  supports an orphanage, school and medical centre at Kiteezi, 8 miles from the centre of Kampala.

To be a part of Hands of Love, please sponsor a child or provide a Gift of Love or donate online.

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