Details of the latest Hands of Love Accounts can be found at The Charity Commission website. 

You can also view recent accounts below.

Financial Transparency & Accountability

One of the top priorities of Hands of Love UK is to ensure that supporters know how the money they give is spent.

The Trustees ensure that the Annual Report & Accounts is completed in time, in compliance with Charity Commission guidelines, and that the accounts are inspected by an Independent Examiner each year.

HOL UK will apply dilligence to the Ugandan books and accounts annually to ensure that the money sent is spent as intended and that it is being accounted for correctly. Each time trustees, Justin Osmond or Barrie Jones, go to Uganda they scrutinise the accounting system with Ugandan Finance Director, Alex Sendi. 

Annual Report & Accounts

Accounts Year ended 31 December 2015

Annual Report 2015

Accounts Year Ended 2014

Accounts Year ended 31st December 2012

Accounts Year ended 31st December 2011

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Happy queue...ready for lunch