July Newsletter 2016

How can we best help every child in Namadhi Orphanage develop a career – not necessarily an academic one?
Bishop Elijah has been keen to explain how different life is in Uganda. If a child comes into the orphanage at 14, they may never have been to school. So they don’t count age, they count how long each child has been in education. They don’t think of educating a child until they are 18 and then sending them away – they help each child develop a career, not necessarily an academic one.

April Newsletter 2016

Trustees, Barrie & Eileen Jones, enjoyed a very happy
2-day visit to the Orphanage in February. The Campus was looking good and a new storeroom and office has been added to the Headteacher’s office and another toilet block built. Next month the Trustees plan to transfer approx £8000 to enable the roof to be completed on the part-built Kindergarten building (thanks to Gift Aid income). When roofed the building will immediately start to be of use. Further funding (approx £11,000) will be required to fully complete the building (plastering, fitting out etc), and will need further fundraising activity.

Outstanding school results in Namadhi!

Outstanding school results in Namadhi!

Some fantastic results from the children in Namadhi. Congratulations to both students and teachers!

Pastor Elijah reports:

"Hands of Love Namadhi 2013 Performance
* The 2nd best student in the a Region came from our school! This has 
made Mr. Katende the Headmaster and Hands of Love so famous!
* 8 Students passed in Super First Grade.
* Most students passed in Grade 2.
* 3 passed in division three.
* 3 can neither join Senior One nor repeat Primary Seven. Better to 
settle for a course.
* Hands of Love Namadhi was ranked number 7 in the region! This 
is the best performance so far."
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