Aids testing

 Dear Friends

As you will know AIDS has decimated an entire generation of Ugandans, leaving approximately 2 million orphans wandering the bush in rural areas or creating street children in Kampala. At the height of the epidemic, 30% of Uganda's population was HIV positive.

A few weeks ago, Pastor Elijah got official permission to test the children of Namadhi as well as the children of Kiteezi orphanage in Kampala. It was difficult and expensive to get the medical team to come 100 miles from the city to undertake the testing but of course the sooner the exact situation of the children was known the sooner medical intervention could give them a better life expectancy. We feared large numbers would test positive as most of our children had parents who died from AIDS.

We are overjoyed to report thatonly 10 of the 1,300 children of both orphanages are HIV positive. A nothing short of miraculous result!

As soon as anti-retroviral medication is available, there have been very frustrating delays to commencement of treatment, these children will receive our best and special care.

It is your generous fianancial support that enabled this testing to take place. 

Our thanks once more.

Hands of Love UK Team