More Good News!

Dear Friends

We have heard today that this week A CONTAINER FULL OF 200,000 MEALS is due to leave America...destination Namadhi Orphanage, Mayuge District, Uganda.

At one meal a day that is over a year's supply of food. 

Supporters of Hands of Love USA have been in contact with the charity, Convoy of Hope to make it happen. It is well worth a look at their website. The founders of Convoy of Hope have 'A driving passion to feed the world'.

The food that our children and staff get at Namadhi sustains life but contains very little of the nutrition, vitamins and minerals that their growing bodies need.

We believe these meals will be specially prepared and packaged for malnourished children and, together with the coming of pure, clean water through the new Borehole, our dear children will begin to flourish physically, and will no longer feel the pangs of hunger.

As we are now supporting over 800 children, we thank God that this is the very best possible news.

with warm greetings 

Barrie and Eileen Jones

Michael Quinton