Welcome to Five new Sponsors!

Dear All,

We're very pleased say that 5 new families have decided to sponsor a child from Namadhi Orphanage this month. This news has created much joy and hope in the hearts of the children there. Thank you so much.

Today we've had a two hour conversation with Pastor Elijah and we learnt that...

"806 children are now being looked after at Namadhi Orphanage (up from 675). Two desperate little 3-year olds who were found on the property, were added yesterday. This number includes 97 children from surrounding villages who come in to school each day. They receive one meal of posho (corn maize porridge) a day and whatever extra food is available.
Namadhi is a community ministry and by educating and supporting village children they are developing good relationships with the villagers."

"Staff face big challenges as they have to turn about 50 children away every day. In Ugandan culture, staff also come under big pressure from family members to allow orphaned relatives into the orphanage."

The need is so great, could you ask a friend to become a sponsor?

With warm good wishes

Barrie and Eileen Jones