More Good News!

Dear Friends

We have heard today that this week A CONTAINER FULL OF 200,000 MEALS is due to leave America...destination Namadhi Orphanage, Mayuge District, Uganda.

At one meal a day that is over a year's supply of food. 

Supporters of Hands of Love USA have been in contact with the charity, Convoy of Hope to make it happen. It is well worth a look at their website. The founders of Convoy of Hope have 'A driving passion to feed the world'.

The food that our children and staff get at Namadhi sustains life but contains very little of the nutrition, vitamins and minerals that their growing bodies need.

We believe these meals will be specially prepared and packaged for malnourished children and, together with the coming of pure, clean water through the new Borehole, our dear children will begin to flourish physically, and will no longer feel the pangs of hunger.

As we are now supporting over 800 children, we thank God that this is the very best possible news.

with warm greetings 

Barrie and Eileen Jones

Michael Quinton

Water at last for Namadhi!

Dear Supporters

We've had some very good news to start the New Year from Pastor Elijah!

A generous couple in the USA, have given £6,000 to drill a borehole for water at Namadhi. They gave a second gift of about £5,500 to supply food for the unsponsored children.

In one fell swoop, the health of all our children and their teachers will be greatly improved.

How grateful they will all be.

Gaining more sponsors for our needy children is a big priority for 2013. Can you help by asking family or friends to consider becoming a sponsor?

All the details are on our website, or contact us.

With all good wishes for the New Year.

Barrie and Eileen Jones


Welcome to Five new Sponsors!

Dear All,

We're very pleased say that 5 new families have decided to sponsor a child from Namadhi Orphanage this month. This news has created much joy and hope in the hearts of the children there. Thank you so much.

Today we've had a two hour conversation with Pastor Elijah and we learnt that...

"806 children are now being looked after at Namadhi Orphanage (up from 675). Two desperate little 3-year olds who were found on the property, were added yesterday. This number includes 97 children from surrounding villages who come in to school each day. They receive one meal of posho (corn maize porridge) a day and whatever extra food is available.
Namadhi is a community ministry and by educating and supporting village children they are developing good relationships with the villagers."

"Staff face big challenges as they have to turn about 50 children away every day. In Ugandan culture, staff also come under big pressure from family members to allow orphaned relatives into the orphanage."

The need is so great, could you ask a friend to become a sponsor?

With warm good wishes

Barrie and Eileen Jones


Aids testing

 Dear Friends

As you will know AIDS has decimated an entire generation of Ugandans, leaving approximately 2 million orphans wandering the bush in rural areas or creating street children in Kampala. At the height of the epidemic, 30% of Uganda's population was HIV positive.

A few weeks ago, Pastor Elijah got official permission to test the children of Namadhi as well as the children of Kiteezi orphanage in Kampala. It was difficult and expensive to get the medical team to come 100 miles from the city to undertake the testing but of course the sooner the exact situation of the children was known the sooner medical intervention could give them a better life expectancy. We feared large numbers would test positive as most of our children had parents who died from AIDS.

We are overjoyed to report thatonly 10 of the 1,300 children of both orphanages are HIV positive. A nothing short of miraculous result!

As soon as anti-retroviral medication is available, there have been very frustrating delays to commencement of treatment, these children will receive our best and special care.

It is your generous fianancial support that enabled this testing to take place. 

Our thanks once more.

Hands of Love UK Team

Gift Aid

Thank you once again to all our supporters. Your generosity has provided joy and hope to many in Uganda. Gift Aiding your donation produces thousands of pounds per year towards the work of supporting and educating the orphans and abandoned children of Namadhi.  

This is to let you know that the current Gift Aid form has been superceded and is no longer valid. If you have already provided a Gift Aid form, or if you would like to send one for the first time, please print this new form and send it to the Hands of Love UK Administrator.

New Gift Aid form.