Good News at the beginning of 2014

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Keep Up-to-Date with the improving conditions for the 800 children of Namadhi - your help is making all the difference! An additional dormitory on it's way! A gift of £1000 was received this week towards the completion of this building. A big thank you to all our friends.

Two new Accommodation Units for Teachers are almost complete. They are having windows fitted and are being plastered ready for occupation. There will be 10 units for single teachers and 5 double units for married teachers.


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Richard & Samantha Lund - Wedding Celebration

Richard & Samantha Lund:

Dear Richard & Samantha Lund

We hereby extend our hearty appreciation towards you for providing a special meal for our Champions in Hands of Love - Namadhi.

It was greater joy and lots of ululation as our Children were served a special meal in celebration of your wedding last Saturday.

Thank you so much for reaching out to these Children in such a loving, caring and above all unselfish manner.

Words are not enough to express our sincere gratitude but here are some photos we took and a video will be sent to you via postal mailing.

We wish you a happy fulfilled life together. May you soar high in all as a married couple.

We're proud of you and congratulation upon receiving this great gift from God.

"Together we can make All the Difference."

In service,

Allen Hope.


Barbecue & Car Boot Sale & Summer Newsletter 2013

Keep updated...

HANDS OF LOVE UK Summer Newsletter  2013


At the most enjoyable Barbecue last Friday the great sum of £367.00 was raised.

Thank you for all your support and, most of all, a huge thank you to John and Sue for the loving gift of all the food and organisation for the evening.


£66.95 was made at the car boot sale at Hayling Island last week (many thanks to Sandra and Mike and Lesley for their items for sale).  


God bless you

Barrie and Eileen 

Teaching Staff News


New Headmaster
From a list of 27 applicants Pastor Elijah and the HOL Foundation Board chose Mr YUSUF KATENDE aged 33 years to take up the role of Head of Hands of Love Orphanage and Primary School. He is married and has 3 children.


  • Degree in Education from Makerere University Diploma in Education from Kyamboga University;
  • Certificate in Education from Shimon TC Experience: 10 years of experience as English teacher and head;
  • Deputy Headmaster at Good Hope Primary School and Deputy Head at Joy Standard Junior Primary School.

We offer him our congratulations, warm support and prayers as he begins his important task.

Please consider helping one of our Ugandan teachers or kitchen staff to meet his or her family’s basic needs. Sponsor a Teacher or Staff Member at Namadhi.

A regular sum each month (large or small) can help towards providing a teacher or staff member and his or her family with:

  • Food
  • Water
  • Clothing
  • Simple living accommodations
  • Basic medical care
  • Self-esteem

In return for your sponsorship, you will receive:

  • Information about the staff member you are sponsoring
  • The opportunity to send your staff member letters
  • A quarterly newsletter

Interested in sponsoring a teacher or other staff member? Let us know on the sponsorship page.

Hands of Love UK Spring Newsletter

Dear Friends

Here's something to put a spring in your step:

The Spring 2013 Newsletter

All the news from Namadhi is very encouraging with improvements in living conditions continuing in significant ways.

The children and staff are flourishing mostly thanks to your faithful support.

Thank you for being part of the lives of the children of Namadhi.

All good wishes.

Barrie and Eileen Jones

Michael Quinton